‘Trees of Travel’ Infographic | October 2011

‘Trees of Travel’

  • As the daughter of a woodworker, Sarah Mosser can’t help but judge a place by its natural cover, its trees. Follow her travels from age two to 22, everywhere from the Adirondack Mountains of New York, to Okayama, Japan, and learn why she went and for how long.

68 in. x 11 in. | Pen & ink tree illustrations by Sarah Mosser
  • Text color = purpose of trip (camping, vacationing, running)
  • Tree size/ tree rings = age
  • White tab = location and duration (days)


3 thoughts on “‘Trees of Travel’ Infographic | October 2011

    • I had a BS in Mass Communications and I got into an MFA program with my portfolio. I took design classes during undergrad to help build my portfolio, but I did not take extra classes to get into grad school. You don’t need a design degree necessarily, just enough work to show some skill. Hope that helps!


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