Internship at McConnells Advertising Service, Ireland | Summer 2009

I interned in the creative department at McConnells, the largest advertising agency in Ireland. I worked as both an art director and copywriter, designing logos (above) and print advertisements (below), as well as writing radio and television spots.


I worked on briefs for national Irish brands in transportation, hotel, consumer goods, and tour operators.

I wrote a 30 second radio spot for Irish tour operator,, titled “Flip Flop.”

A flip flop’s monologue in a light, animated male voice.  An announcer cuts in at the end to give booking information.

MVO: Flip flop. Flip flop.

I am a flip flop.

I flip. I flop.

Concrete. Pavement.

Locker room. Grocery store.

It’s always the same.

I yearn for sun soaked sand, lush golf courses,

warm, clear waters…

I crave the Algarve.

With flights weekly from Dublin, Cork, Shannon, and Knock, you can help me.

VO: To book call 0818 211 511, visit,

Or pop into your local travel agent.

MVO: Take me there.

VO: In association with the Portuguese Tourist Board.


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