College of Communication Commencement Speaker | May 2010

Selected as the 2010 College of Communication Commencement Speaker for the speech I wrote and auditioned with. Titled, The Daffodil Principle, it was 5 minutes in length and I delivered at graduation to my class of about 500 students, and their families!

Interview in the COMmunicator, May 12, 2010:

COMmunicator:  What inspired your speech?

SM:  I wanted to tell a story; my grandma always has a story to share. I remember one that directly relates to our opportunity to find whatever it is that ignites that fire inside us.  I was touched when grandma told it to me. My grandmother is hilarious; I hope I can do her story justice.

COMmunicator:  What’s next for you?

SM: This May I’ll graduate with a B.A. in Mass Communication, concentrating in Advertising, and a double minor in Visual Arts and Art History; also, I’m captain of the women’s Track and Field and Cross Country teams. Next year, I’ll attend graduate school at BU’s College of Fine Arts for an MFA in Graphic Design. Afterwards, I want to be an art director and try out the west coast for a while.

COMmunicator: What advice would you give students who enter the contest next year?

SM:  Make it relevant to BU students, and, more specifically, COM seniors. We’re such a unique student body, so everyone has a story to share.

Mosser eagerly awaits graduation when she’ll see her family, including younger sister Katie who has been studying abroad in Spain.

“I want her to be proud of her big sister,” Mosser said.


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